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My name is Laura, and I am a dietitian living and working in the great city of Pittsburgh, PA.  I also love to eat.  Everything!  I am a total foodie, and I’m constantly searching out new foods and flavor combinations.  I have a whole food philosophy – I believe I should be able to recognize my food as what it started as, and should be as unprocessed as possible.  I also believe, sometimes, I’ll have some chocolate cake.  I enjoy cooking, and I hope I can share some recipes with you that you’ll love as much as I do, and maybe help you along your path to health or inspire you to take that first step.

Eat!  For the health of it!


4 responses to “About

  1. Kay Rimer

    Hi Laura – I am a friend of your Mom’s and we worked together, we are fellow quilters and your Dad and Mom are taking a class with my husband and me. Looking forward to your blogs. Kay

  2. Hi,
    We enjoyed visiting your blog. We have created a new web site gourmetwouldmarket.com where we feature innovative and exciting ingredients and recipes. We have posted a recipe on our site and would like to use an image from your blog with a full attribute and a hot link to your blog. Please inform us if this is OK

    Thank you,
    Cari Markell, COO

    Gourmet World Market,Inc.

    • Hi Cari,
      Thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. You may use one of my pictures with the attribute. I appreciate it! I look forward to more from your site as well!


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