How to Cut a Fennel Bulb, and Apple Fennel Farro Pilaf

Apple Fennel Farro Pilaf

Today is Food Revolution Day!  This is the worldwide result of Jamie Oliver’s campaign to help people connect with their food, celebrate the diversity of food, and enjoy great, fresh food.  Events are widespread.  I will, in fact, be attending an event later today here with my employer!  The event is free to the public, but donations are accepted.  We’ll be there from 3pm – 6pm, so make sure to stop by and say “Hi!” and revolutionize your food!

Do you know how to cut fennel?  It’s not too difficult, but if you don’t know how to do it, you may never cook with it!  Let’s remove some of the mystery, shall we?

First, scrub the bulb to clean of any dirt.  Cut off the top (fronds).  These are edible, but typically not called for in recipes.  They make a nice garnish!

Cutting Fennel 1

Next, cut the bulb in half.

Cut the bulb in half

Remove the core from each half.  This is tough and woody, so you don’t want to add it to your recipes.

Remove the core

Now, slice the bulb thin, or chop into even smaller pieces; whatever you need for your recipe!

Slice thin

Not too bad, right?  Now, let’s get cooking with it!  This recipe is a slightly different take on a pilaf.  Here, I used farro, which in an ancient form of wheat.  It is sometimes also called emmer wheat.  It is a whole grain that is grown in Italy.  You cook it just like you do brown rice, so if you don’t have farro, feel free to use that.  This pilaf is slightly sweet and licoricy because of the apple cider and fennel.  The fresh mint finishes the dish perfectly.  You will want to make this today!


Apple Fennel Farro Pilaf

Serves: 6


2 cups Apple Cider

1 cup Farro, uncooked

1 tsp Olive Oil

1 medium Onion, diced

1 medium Fennel Bulb, diced

1 Tbsp chopped, fresh Mint

Fresh Fennel Fronds to garnish if desired


1.  Bring apple cider to boil on high heat and add Farro.  Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer until grain is done; about 45-60 minutes.

2.  Meanwhile, heat olive oil in a medium pan and sauté onions and fennel until onions are translucent and fennel is soft.

3.  Add farro to fennel mixture and combine.

4.  Turn off burner, and mix in mint.

5.  Serve hot, garnished with fennel fronds.

Happy, healthy eating!


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